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You might want to stay here, at the Sea Gate Motel in Daytona
RELAX HERE, ENJOY HERE, STAY HERE, At The Sea Gate Motel, Daytona Beach, FloridaPast
I'm up front getting our room at the Mid-Lakes Motel, here on Old Dixie Highway, Leesburg, FloridaPast
Frontside of Mid-Lakes Motel, Old Dixie Highway, Leesburg
FLORIDA MOTEL & COTTAGES, Hilliard, FloridaPast
Moonrise Resort - A Seceret Cozy Place in the Floral City, Inverness of area of FloridaPast
Moonrise Resort - Floral City, Inverness area of FloridaPast
Nice Graphics - Great Colors
SIESTA Motor Court - US Highway 41 & SR 500 - Williston, FloridaPast
Spacious new lounge, bedrooms with private tile bath and shower, good cross ventilation. Enjoy our homey atmosphere and personal service
Owned and operated by Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Bauer - 6891 S.W. 8th St. In the city of Miami, Fla. on U.S. # 41 Tamiani Trail at S.W. 69th Ave. near Coral Gables
Such a Beautiful FloridaPast day, everyone is out Fishin'
SUNSET MOTEL, High Springs, FloridaPast - Somewheres in the 1960s
Here we can Eat, Sleep and Fill er up for another day on the Highways of FloridaPast
FLORIDA MOTOR COURT HOTEL - Tallahassee, FloridaPast
Gran-pa-pa and Grams took this photo after breakfast one cloudy morning, way back in FloridaPast
SEBASTIAN HOTEL - Early FloridaPast Roadside - Look how Peaceful it is....
I'm a gonna pull right on in hea' Hun. We stay'in hea ta'nite
Dixie Motel, Starke, FloridaPast
We'll all meet here tomorrow morning after breakfast
CENTER MOTEL - Clearwater, FloridaPast
This quaint place had everything we wanted. The folks that ran the place were so nice and friendly too.
GA-FLA MOTOR COURT - MONTICELLO, FloridaPast - Oh Yes, we Do Accept Tripple A
We even get TV in our room!!!
Winnie Vee Motel - Yulee, FloridaPast - Back when a Motel was a Motel
The Perfect Picture - Great Look'in Building
Surf and Sun Hotel & Apts. - Fort Lauderdale Beach, YUP, FloridaPast
It's a Shame we passed, without at least stopping in to visit. And now, it's a Reflection, of a longtime FloridaPast, where is it?
A Place we Passed, somewhere back in FloridaPast


Watch for More FloridaPast Roadside additionz!
It was a Beautiful Morning, and all the field birds were singing songs of FloridaPast
This is Grandma and Grandpa - We took a trip to FloridaPast with them. Stayed here at the Desert Isle Motel in Callahan, FloridaPast
We stopped in to say hello at the Skyway Motel in St. Pete
Easy Access to FloriaPast SKYWAY MOTEL, St. Pete
Our room is back here. At the Mid Lakes Motel on Old Dixie Highway, Leesburg, FloridaPast
Another view of Mid-Lakes Motel, Highway 441 Leesburg
What a Cozy little place! When Orlando was Once Truly, FloridaPast
This cozy little place comes highly recomended. You'll have the Best Night's Sleep Ever!
FLORIDA MOTOR COURT - U.S. 19 and 98, Cross City, FloridaPast
We already booked our rooms down the highway a piece. But felt the Need to stop in here for a post card view!
Beautiful Cozy & Quiet - Bel-Air Motel, Lawtey, FloridaPast
Barnhill had the Eye of FloridaPast
A Nice Early View, by Barnhill, of the Soreno Hotel in St. Petersburg, The SUNSHINE CITY of FloridaPast
Gotz'ta' Love dem dar'e ole' signages now.....!!
Casa Loma Motel, Daytona Beach, FloridaPast - Somewhere in the 1950s
ALL IN ONE ADVERTISING - That was FloridaPast Smart
Kings Motor Court - US Highway 98 - West Panama City, FloridaPast
The Bright Lites of Daytona Beach, Back when
SURFVIEW MOTEL - Daytona Beach, FloridaPast
this image has it ALL - FloridaPast, Wonderful Old Carz, and the Mid-Century Look of the Hotel - PERFECT-Just PERFECT
Sea Dip Motel - Daytona Beach, FloridaPast
Juss a bee'u'tee'full Morn'in on a FloridaPast day

Now & Then "Fade"

Orlando, FloridaPast 

Carolina Moon Motor Court - Orlando FloridaPast
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Photo by Toasy Martin
A place in time, where when Ya'll woke up in the morning, yah juss new, itz gunta'be a fine FloridaPast day!
MOON-GLO MOTEL - Lake City, FloridaPast - We even have a T.V. in ALL Rooms
Unkle Jake and Auuntee Clara, taking the morning Eazee'
Pelican Court St. Pete - FloridaPast
Iz't gunta'be a HOTT FloridaPast day
It's the WAGON WHEEL MOTEL - Pensacola, FloridaPast


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