This hea'z FloridaPast Tour, iz gun'ta ta'k Yawlz ta Eat'in Play'cez when food was food, Service was Always with a Smile, and there wasn't a bottom to the coffee cup.
Yawl'z not gonna get a tummy ache, but you may get a heartache bout' dem dare' long ago timez


Ya'llz comments will be Appreciated
I'm gonna eat outside this morning. It's a Beauty of a Day!
BENNY'S CAFETERIA - Key West, FloridaPast
Drove all the way here, just to be first in the door. They'll be opening up shortly.
WAGNER'S GRILL - Daytona Beach, FloridaPast
I realize it's a BAR, but, it's still a VERY KOOL FloridaPast image, and I bet we could've got ourselves a sand-wich with our drink
1950s era. - The Clown Bar - Ocala, FloridaPast - Owners P.G Sarras and Son who owned it for many years. Then later on, Peter C Karry became Owner
Don't click too hard, cauze we might break a window
Glass House Drive In Restaurant Jacksonville, FloridaPast
like my new ride?
RANCH HOUSE RESTAURANT - Someplace back in the 1950s - Jacksonville, FloridaPast
This is it, this is the place Uncle Bob was tellin Yawl about. Butler's
Butler's Restaurant - St. Augustine, FloridaPast
Yippeeeeeee  Air Conditioned! Sweet Tea for me
Art Hartung's Restaurant - Orange City, FloridaPast
Nice image, by an unknown photographer
Gary's Duck Inn, S. OBT Orlando, FloridaPast - I've eaten there, and it was a Treat!